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Tomorrow's Dream

Tomorrow's Dream
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Members of the band

  Wes - Guitars
  Matt - Drums, cymbals, vox
  Freddy - Bass
  Natalie - keyboards

General info

  Over a weekend in December 1993, the members of NEVER THE SUNSHINE, then Tomorrow’s Dream, recorded a 10 song CD. In early 1994, the self-titled, self-released Tomorrow’s Dream CD was released receiving exceptional regional reviews and obtaining notoriety among numerous college and area radio stations, remaining on WVBR’s (93.5 in Ithaca, NY) top requested chart for months.
  Josh Ribacove of The Music Press, wrote:
  Tomorrow’s Dream – The debut CD from this very angry, very young band hailing from Athens, PA shows remarkable maturity. “This is good. This is really good,” said Mary Ramirez (metal queen of WVBR-FM in Ithaca), when I played it for her. You can expect to hear a cut or two from the CD on VBR’s Friday night metal show. Heavy, doomy, hell bent guitar riffs crunch away beneath the vocals, and non-cheesy keyboard work adds another dimension to Tomorrow’s Dream’s sound.
  Production, once again courtesy of Audio Arts, is exactly what it should be, and the sounds that rip out of your speakers are heavy enough for anyone. There is nothing funny about this band’s lyrics. They take on subjects like parental authority/abuse and loneliness with a vengeance, and their words are as intelligently put as their music is brutal. What If asks “What if time stood still?/ What if life passed you by?/ What if your legs wouldn’t move you?/ What if it’s your time to die?”, and replies “Your legs won’t hold you/ Your skin doesn’t fit you right/ You see the scars on your face/ and then you know it’s your time to die.” Musical and lyrical aggression, coupled with pro-quality tightness and production, make this CD one that every area metalhead should pick up. June 1994, Vol. 4, No. 6
  Urban Warfare Productions remarked:
  Tomorrow’s Dream is a fairly new band from Athens, Pennsylvania, and for their recording debut, they’ve put together a 45 minute long, 10 track CD, with all digital recording. The most noticeable influences here would have to be Black Sabbath and Metallica, but with each track standing out distinctly on its own despite that fact. “God’s Flesh” has an almost Danzig-like feel to it, whereas “Crush” is borderline hardcore. “Trip” is just that; almost psychedelic and rather drifty… “Sleaze” shows off one of the more interesting aspects of this band, and that’s the atmospheric keyboards that work their way in and out of most songs, making the heavy, yet catchy songs even more memorable and unique. This is a very impressive creation, sounding almost familiar, yet retaining a very definite individuality.
  The songs below were written and performed by the members of NEVER THE SUNSHINE in the early 90's while the members were in high school. Be sure to check out NEVER THE SUNSHINE's current material at and

Download free music

01 - Trip (released Jan. 1994) n/a Download
02 - What If (released Jan. 1994) n/a Download
03 - Innocense Raped (released Jan. 1994) n/a Download
04 - Father (released Jan. 1994) n/a Download

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