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to die without fail

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Members of the band

  Chris P.-Guitar
  Jose C.-Guitar
  Ryan P.-VOx/bass
  Ramon M.-Drums

General info

  We are now a complete band,the band is former SID/Fallen Hatred members Chris P.(Guitar) and Jose C.(Guitar),and introducing the new guy/Former Fallen Hatred drummer Ramon M.(Drums), and singer/guitarist for his other band A Fatal MistakeRyan P.(Vox/Bass) Check them out on myspace theyre cool people,so listen 2 them and add them 2 ur friends. We were sick of our other bands not we started this band To Die Without Fail(TDWF), we wanted to try something new and start a band that actually "Works",so if ur a fan of SID,then listen 2 us its SID With a twist,and check us out @ Purevolume and Bandspace,, TDWF only has samplers rite now but as soon as we finish recording we will post them up and we will give u an early warning.

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