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The Myth Of Autumn

The Myth Of Autumn
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Members of the band

  Arzka (Vocals)
  Pasi (Guitar)
  Harry T (Guitar)
  Anssi (Bass)
  O.D (Keyboards)
  Wille (Drums)

General info

  The story of The Myth Of Autumn goes back to the year 2002. In the spring Pasi and Ari decided to record some songs they had made. The result of this 2-day recording session in Aris homestudio was the "Fallen Grace-demo." In the fall guys tried to form a band because making music and not playing it live sucks big time... Wille Silvast and Anssi Laukkarinen, both old friends from other band projects, were hired to play the drums and bass. At the time Olli Pääkkönen played the keyboards. Too bad because of Ollis final exams the band didn't have the time to train as much as the other members would've wanted so the project went down the drain. Yet...
  In the fall 2003 TMOA came active again. This time Ari, Pasi and Anssi found Tuomas Maunonen, who played the drums for couple of months. Soon Wille replaced Tuomas and the good old quartet was back for real. Later in the fall after months of intensive training Otto Närhi was found from some deep and dark hole and accepted the offer to join the band as the new keyboard player. Guys spent the winter training and composing new songs and in january they entered the studio. The result, "One among the others-demo" was sent to radios, netZines, and record companies around europe and gained supporting feedback. The next recording session took place in may. "Frustrated" was released the 1 of july. First 100 copies were sold out quickly and the second 100 copy print was ordered in july.
  In june Ari decided to focus his 100% on singing and HaPa, an old and dear friend from ancient times, filled the formed gap of guitar player. Closing In-ep was released in the beginning of -05 and the band did an respectful amount of gigs though 5 of 6 members of the band were serving their "sentence" in the finnish defence forces. Right now the band is demo-recording some new material which will be released in the beginning of 2006. Some occasional gigs will be played too so stay tuned for more...

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Chained 5.18 MB Download
Closing In n/a Download
Darken 3.02 MB Download

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