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Texas Jake Lee

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Members of the band

  Texas Jake Lee-slide guitar/harmonica
  John Brothers-bass guitar/harmonica
  Mike James-drums

General info

  Texas Jake (r.n Jake Lee aka King of Slide) is an exceptional blues and slide guitar player. He can write songs that evoke true blues styles and traditions in each and every aspect. There are some real stompin blues tunes too in his catalog that sound every bit like the classics the rest of his songs do but that shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Jake's been 'at it' since he was thirteen years old and since then he's been involved in the business of writing, performing, and playing 'from the heart - making music the best it can be' all over the States in particular. As a guitarist, he's a difficult act to beat; there's some exquisite picking combined with the most astonishing slide phrases you're ever likely to hear from the genre that lead us to R&B and Rock n Roll. Collin Lynch

Download free music

Bad Side of Town n/a Download
Conversation at the Crossroads n/a Download
Understanding n/a Download

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