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Members of the band

  Kita - guitar & vocals
  Lupo - Bass
  Jani - guitar
  Heikki - keys
  Kilu - drums & percussion

General info

  Tinker is rock-band. The main idea of Tinker is have fun and write simple songs with great choruses!
  The band got together three years ago and started writing songs. The songs are often little bit melancholy but now and then few happier songs comes around too.
  The band has five members: Kita, Lupo, Jani, Kilu and Heikki. The guys are between 22-27 years old and they believe that Tinker has that "something special" going on!!
  I think you have to listen it yourself and make your own decisions!

Download free music

like you 2.94 MB Download
mental boy 3.29 MB Download
serpentine 4.41 MB Download

Latest tracks

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