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Tim Tibbitts

Tim Tibbitts
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Members of the band

  Tim Tibbitts-Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

General info

  Most music in today’s mainstream is missing something vital. Passion is what music is supposed to be about. It’s what is supposed to compel people to keep listening. Instead of singing songs about sex or how much money they’re pulling in on a weekly basis, people used to sing songs because it came from somewhere deep inside them. It was a passion they had to share with others. And their songs moved people, genuinely stirred something in their souls so strong that it could bring them to tears.
  These are crucial elements to songwriting that Tim Tibbitts hasn’t forgotten. His voice can silence a crowd- their anxious stirring and idle chatter turns into gaping mouths and wide, awed eyes as his words reverberate off the ceiling. Tibbitts has a passion in his voice that can astound his listeners. “If people are unaffected by your music you aren't making good music. There's nothing more rewarding for an artist than to see your audience affected by what you're doing,” Tim says. “Even if it's a bad reaction, at least I know I've affected their life in some way.”
  Tim has set off on a solo musical journey. He bares his heart and soul completely on his new album, Portraits, showcasing not only his magical voice but his depth as a human. Tibbitts uses a beautiful duality of concepts when he creates his music. His melodies are catchy and upbeat with infectious hooks while his lyrics reveal a deeper level that can at times speak of an incredible sadness. That is what ultimately draws in the listener- that stirring of concordance inside your heart that says, “Yeah- this guy gets it.” “I think the best example of this is ‘You Got Me,’” Tim explains. “It's so simple but it's so powerful in its angst and deep feelings of regret and loss that everyone just gets it.”
  Portraits features some of the best talent Canada has to offer including Tibbitts’ former band mates from Sandcastle Theory, Noel Webb on drums and Attila Toth on bass. Added to this mix is the incomparable Justin Abedin (JackSoul, Simon Wilcox) on electric guitar and Ron Lopata (JackSoul, Ashley MacIssac) on keyboards. Together they have created a sonically unsurpassed independent release produced by Tibbitts, Webb and Steve Hamilton that is bound to turn some heads.
  Tim’s tireless efforts have not gone unrewarded. Portraits has been added to rotation on over 185 radio stations in 22 countries around the world. His song, “Tell Me,” was named Song of The Week on, and he was chosen from a score of entries to open for underground indie hero, Jimmy Gnecco of OURS. “Time Has Come” was the most requested track on for 4 weeks. “Tell Me” made it to the #1 position on Acoustic Rock charts for Canada on and also #13 for the world! “Tell Me” debuted at #2 on PFTW radio's top 15 chart and after 3 weeks hit #1. It was also added to their top songs of 2005 compilation. “Time Has Come” and “Tell Me” have both reached #1 overall on Recently Tim was named one of the Top 5 best live (that few know about) artists by the writers of MyLive online from LaCrosse Wisconsin. Tim is also currently entertaining Canadian and American labels and management offers for his new solo project.
   Big things are in store for Tim Tibbitts just over the horizon. A brand new album and an international tour should bring a brand new following of fans that still know what it means to appreciate and love music for what it’s supposed to be: passionate, beautiful, stunning and with every bit of heart and soul one man can muster. By: Kristyn Cunningham
   Tim Tibbitts plays Elixir Strings exclusively.
   Contact Tim or to purchase your copy of Portraits visit:

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