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Timo Kinnunen OGG - MP3

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Members of the band

  Timo Kinnunen - Acoustic Guitar, FruityLoops 3/FL4, DrumBox 1.0

General info

  I am an one man band from Finland, who is making homemade music at home, but still far away from home. Most of my songs which are available there are mix of human vocals and electronic background, accompanying with such instruments as guitar, and mostly they are one-takes. Hence, I use as well traditional music instruments as some computer programs.
  Earlier I offered these songs there in OGG -format, but for now I'm offering them in MP3 -format, because of most portable MP3 players support it, and it is more general as an audio format, too.

Download free music

Appelsiininkukkaerikoinen (Orange Blossom Special) n/a Download
Hullu Jane ja kulkuri (192 kbps MP3) n/a Download
Mies paranee vuosien myötä (192 kbps MP3) n/a Download
Pitkä matka Tippavaaraan (192 kbps MP3) n/a Download
The Pilgrim (192 kbps MP3) n/a Download
Those Dancing Days Are Gone (192 kbps MP3) n/a Download
Tää maa on sun (192 kbps MP3) n/a Download

Latest tracks

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