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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Timo Koivula
  guitars,bass,drum machine

General info

  Simple instrumental rock music. Recorded about three years ago with old 4-track tape recorder. No bad english vocals! No "robotic" computer sounds! Yes, I know the guitar is out of tune.
  Hope You'll like it anyway!
  "Timo Koivula wisely westernized his name as "Timcoy" and hands us a rock piece with one incredibly expressive electric guitar. I got the overall feeling that he should be composing for or playing with major bands as a guitarist. This tune(Manhunt) stands out as the best rock guitar Finland has to offer, I'd say."
  Paula Lynch, RADIO KRAP
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Download free music

Heavy duty garbage bags 2.14 MB Download
Jingle Bells 2.80 MB Download
Manhunt 3.24 MB Download
Sad but happy 3.88 MB Download

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