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Thy Forsaken

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Members of the band

  Jimmy Horror - Vocal
  Prozac - Guitar
  BoNeS - Drums

General info

  Thy Forsaken was formed back in 2004 and started as a coverband. In 2006 they started to make theire own songs. Thy Forsaken played just a few gigs in 2005 & 2006, and strated to get more serious in 2007. The demo "House of pain" was released in march 2007 and got 5 out of 10 stars at the The demo got them some more gigs and played at Skuret, Nystua, Elveblest, Connect and a personal gig at Minnesund. In february 2008 Thy Forsaken and Patman(bass) decided to go their separate ways. Thy Forsaken started to record the Ep "Seven" at the end of 2007 and released it in March 2008 Thy Forsaken continue to play gigs in 2008 and hope to get some gigs outside Norway in 2009

Download free music

A lullaby for Mammon n/a Download
Godless n/a Download
Holding on n/a Download

Latest tracks

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