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The Western Gloom

The Western Gloom
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country / country rock


Members of the band

  Andreas Brandal - vocals, guitar
  Bjarte Brandal - electric guitar
  Hans Kristian Senneseth - bass, vocals
  Casper Håland - guitar, harmonica, mandolin
  Bjørn-Kåre Berntsen - drums, vocals

General info

  The Western Gloom originally started out determined to be a pure country band, but soon the style took a turn towards a more rocked sound, in the vein of The Long Ryders, Green On Red, Dream Syndicate and Gram Parsons. If you're into that sort of thing, and maybe Neil Young, Drive By Truckers, New Riders Of The Purple Sage, paisley underground or power pop, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised by The Western Gloom.
  Presented here are four songs that we recorded fall 2005. These are rough mixes that we are currently preparing for release! Stay tuned :) Visit our home on MySpace for news and information.
  UPDATE: Uploaded new mp3s of all the songs. Old ones were not properly cut: silence at the start and too long fade-outs ;) Fixed now though!

Download free music

Make Yourself Scarce (demo) n/a Download
Pretty Little Heart (demo) n/a Download
This Town is on Fire (demo) n/a Download
Waste Your Time on Love (demo) n/a Download

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