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The Travellers

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country / country rock


Members of the band

  Solon - guitar and vocals
  Decio - bass and vocals
  Vando - keyboard, guitar and vocals
  Adriane - guitar, steel guitar, violin
  Mario - drums.

General info

  For those who like balads on the road, for the urban cowboys,
  for those who love feeling the wind blowing on their face on top of a motorcycle, or for those
  who just want to take a ride on the sounds of a beautiful song:
  born in Porto Alegre, BRAZIL, a band
  Video clip - Questions - home page -
  that plays the purest country rock
  right here in the very south of this big country.

Download free music

Questions 3.64 MB Download
The Travellers Theme 0.72 MB Download
Wherever and so far away 1.04 MB Download

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