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The Toilet Jihad

The Toilet Jihad
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Members of the band

  I-Zheet M'Drurz - Guitar, Bass, Vocals

  M'Balz Es-Hari - Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drum Machine

  Hous'Bin Pharteen - Vocals

  Abeer Azza - Management, Stonings

General info

We are a radical faction of the Al-Qaeda, and we believe that the root of all evil in the world are the white porceline devils you Americans call toilets! The Porceline Devil must be destroyed at all costs, and we are up to the task. For every toilet we destroy, we shall be rewarded with 100 anal virgins in the next life. Praise be Allah!
  The hounds of war will be unleashed on restrooms everywhere, and our hatred shall rain down like molten feces on the infidel dogs.

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