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The Sway

The Sway
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Members of the band

  David Casson - Vocals & Guitars
  Sean Kelly - Drums
  Jim Kook - Guitars
  Paul Hogan - Bass
  Matt Smith - Keyboards

General info

  The Sway Comeback: On the 3rd May 2008, after 13 years away, all 4 original members of The Sway, David Casson (Vocals/Guitar), Jim Kook (Guitar), Paul Hogan (Bass) & Sean Kelly (Drums) ventured into the rehearsal studio to plot their return. David Casson, having penned some new tunes, initially to be a solo project, decided, after being approached to play The East Barnet Music Festival , to contact his former bandmates about playing his new songs live and it was agreed and the set will include the new tunes and some old Sway favorites. The band were joined by keyboard player Matt Smith. The gig was on Saturday 5th July 2008. The Sway had returned big time.....................The Sway started life as HEAVENS ECHO in June 1989 before changing the name to THE SWAY in Jan 1991. After the usual lot of gigs in toilets and hell holes and a few decent demo..s The Sway got good, REAL GOOD! The band signed a deal with Bad Habits records and went on to headline three UK tours including 2 sold out gigs at the legendary Marquee club in London and an ill advised booking at a Christian Rock festival (the line from the song, Don't penetrate me, shut up bitch or Ill f*ck you again went down a storm literally!). They also premiered their 2nd single and video (for the song - Going Blind) at the world famous PLANET HOLLYWOOD in London. Then, after over 120 shows, 2 top 100 singles (Silk and Going Blind), 1 ridiculous video featuring dancing girls (for Going Blind), the band called it quits. The Sway played their last ever show at the BBC MUSIC LIVE event in Birmingham City Centre in May 1995 and went on their merry way............Why they quit is a mystery-COME BACK?????? WHO KNOWS?????????also at

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