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The Subcons

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Members of the band

  Richard Bruno - lead vocals, bass
  Fletcher Foti - back-up vocals, guitarist, producer

General info

  The Subcons story begins in Princeton, New Jersey, where the self taught musicians Richard Bruno and Fletcher Foti began their rock star dreams. They have since released 3 albums and played shows from Long Island to Manhattan to DC, drawing crowds of up to 3000 people. To this date, they maintain the number 5 spot for the most downloads on for the track "Angels and Electrons," which they recorded in the studio of David Byrne's (Talking Heads) drummer Todd Turkisher. Paul Lansky (recently sampled by Radiohead) also lended a hand, and taught Fletcher the ropes in his Princeton studio. But Lansky's roots electronica couldn't tip the scales when the band made the semifinals of a Max Martin (Backstreet Boys) songwriting contest. The two are now back to their rock and roll roots with this massive 14 song debut album, The Time Has Come, in 2001.

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Dont Wanna 2.80 MB Download
Making Up the Rules 2.04 MB Download
Pray 3.50 MB Download
Preludio 2.19 MB Download

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