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The Stone Puppet

The Stone Puppet
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  John Tabis- lead vocals
  Dave Streets- lead guitars
  Dan Puccini- guitars
  Tom Hayes- bass
  Jon Adler- drums

General info

  It was supposed to start in a basement. But it was sunny and warm that April 2001 day. So a backyard was transformed into a party and the story of The Stone Puppet began…
  Dave Streets and Dan Puccini met on the first day of work at a popular ad agency in Chicago in January 2001. As media math training turned into a coffee break, it did not take long for the two guitar players to discover their common desire to perform rock music. Streets, a Northwestern music major, exchanged CDs with Puccini and the next day and a mutual decision was made to start a side project on the weekends. By April, they had learned a few cover tunes in addition to some original songs and were invited to play at a friend’s birthday party. The backyard of a Chicago house was turned upside down by drunk friends and acoustic music. The guitar duo even had one partygoer sing the national anthem; they had others rap their way to a state of Rock-n-Roll-Hall-of-Fame-like bliss. The music was raw and unpolished but everyone had a great time; soon after the party an attendee recommended the act to the owner of a local Chicago bar circuit.
  So the summer was spent playing U2 and Oasis sing-along songs to rowdy bar crowds, with plenty of dancing; power outages could not even get in the way. But the 4-hour cover shows were not what the duo had in mind. There was not enough time being devoted to finding other musicians for a full band effort nor was there enough time being devoted to writing original songs. As college football season kicked off, so did a dedicated effort towards an all-original project.
  Streets and Puccini recruited vocalist John Tabis, bass player Tom Hayes and drummer Jon Adler- all college friends with Puccini at Notre Dame. Tabis' vocal training and experience with both a cappella groups and rock bands has provided him with a strong, versatile range. Hayes and Adler have a wide variety of performing and recording experience as well, including both formal training and involvement with previous bands. Armed with a straight ahead, energetic sound, The Stone Puppet can currently be seen playing live at various Chicago venues. This band is complete with electric and acoustic guitars, harmonies and a following that still consists of that very group of loyal original party people...

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