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The S.P.I.C.S.

The S.P.I.C.S.
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Members of the band

  Joel Cordova/Joel-C(Boards & Mic)
  Andre Cordova/Cryme Dawg(Mic)

General info

  THE NEW ALBUM FROM INDIVIDUAL KINGS PRODUCTIONS/"THE S.P.I.C.S./MENTAL ADVISORY", THE FIFTH RELEASE FROM INDIVIDUAL KINGS PRODUCTIONS & 4-5 ENTERTAINMENT.... The S.P.I.C.S. are the latest gangsta rap group to hit the international music scene. The two artists that make up The S.P.I.C.S. are Joel Cordova also known as Joel-C, and Andre Cordova a.k.a. Cryme Dawg. These two Denver natives combine their knowledge as well as talent to give the audience the ultimate listening experience. The S.P.I.C.S. have been an established force in the rap game since 1998 with a guest appearance on A.R.G.'s self-titled release 'Anutha Relm of Gangstaz'. In March of 1999 The S.P.I.C.S. released their own self-titled maxi-single 'Spanish Poets Invading Colorado Streets'. This release was well received throughout the rap community and created a buzz even in the most unusual places. Their next releases were part of an excellent compilation LP entitled 'I2K- Individual Kings Kompilation' featuring some of Denver's top upcoming artists. Recently, they have been featured on A.R.G's 2003 release 'Lyrical Ammo' Which has been promoted in more than thirty states nationally and on three continents worldwide. With this type of recognition and fan base The S.P.I.C.S. next album has the potential of being one of the most explosive albums in the world. ‘MENTAL ADVISORY’ let me tell you right now is “A GUARANTEED MUST HAVE”. This highly anticipated release contains some of today's hottest, most original music, and is produced with an excellence in professional quality. Not your average rap group on many levels if the name doesn't already give that away. Their unique ideas are backed by powerful music compositions, edgy up-front lyrics, and a relentless vocal spectacle. 'Mental Advisory' features phat tracks such as 'Talez of Betrayal', 'Individual Philosophiez', 'Rollin', and 'Spicish Attitude', and also showcases artists like- 'Sik Sence', 'Mr D-A-W-G', 'Shorty', and the rest of the Individual Kings Familia. COMING SOON/ We will update you on all our upcoming showz and eventz at for the meantime. You can also download ‘ANUTHA RELM OF GANGSTAZ/LYRICAL AMMO’ & ‘I2K/INDIVIDUAL KINGS KOMPILATION-VOLUME 1’ at these following music stores: (THE S.P.I.C.S./MENTAL ADVISORY COMING SOON) DISCLOGIC BUYMUSIC APPLE I TUNES MUSICMATCH AUDIOLUNCHBOX LINDOWS MUSIC4CENTS ETHERSTREAM NAPSTER RULERADIO SONY CONNECT QTRNOTE EMEPE3 CATCHMUSIC

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Eternal Memoriez n/a Download
Mental Advisory n/a Download
Nympho-Ms. n/a Download
Rollin n/a Download
S.P.I.C.S. n/a Download
Tell me how much n/a Download
Time to get the s*** started n/a Download

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