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The Silverback

The Silverback
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Members of the band

  Nate MC - Sampler, Programming, Etc.
  Tony Sonic - Keyboards, Programming Etc.
  Dawn - Vocals

General info

  The Silverback started as a metal project and progressed into an amalgamation of techno infused rock and industrial. Not wanting to continue this way. Tony & Nate decided a female vocalist was in order and brought Dawn into the project and are now focusing on a style between Trip-Pop, Lounge, House, & Breaks. Striving to be similar to artists like Portishead, Groove Armada, Hooverphonic, Morcheeba, Tricky, Mono, Bran Van 3000, Dot Allison, and Supreme Beings of Leisure.

Download free music

Hi I'm E-Tarded Part 2 2.94 MB Download
Virus 3.36 MB Download
Wikkia Wee 4.03 MB Download
Your House (Alanis Morisette Cover) 3.80 MB Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks