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The Mies & The Ähläms

The Mies & The Ähläms
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Members of the band

  Filè master de la Cock & Muh'fucking chiquita banana

General info

  holla! check out my sick ass songs and review them plz! A shout-out to my homies T-Mac and Xinghuan and to my home girls Ursula and Angelica, you keep my pecker up and running!!
  And if you're interested in reviews or gigs then pls contact me at
  And to sum up my feelings about my songs in a small sentence: Vaginal wax for grannies!

Download free music

Biopippeli 4.20 MB Download
HittiBiisi 3.93 MB Download
Lähiö 2.86 MB Download
Parittelu aika ft. DJ Puhveli 1.47 MB Download
Pepen tarina feat. MC Muhennos 0.81 MB Download
Reggae testaus 1.60 MB Download
Sweatmaster Santeri 3.28 MB Download

Latest tracks

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