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Members of the band

  Gold Spade
  Skard1 aka Duxx
  Samuel Bonz
  Rusty Grinds
  Scratch Cat


General info

  Question: What do you get when you combine 1 studio, 5 solo MC's and 1 master of the beatbox?
  Answer: The MessHall Recording Studio and crew located in Toronto, Canada.
  The History of The MessHall
  The MessHall studio located in Toronto Scarborough is a partnership venture started by GoldSpade and Skard1 in 2002, having worked together since 1997, and each party having their own studio, Spade and Skard1 combined studio equipment together to form a private studio for them to create their sound recordings.
  Creating the studio also allowed an opportunity to facilitate sessions for Spade and Skard1's closest rhyme associates, them being Samuel Bonz, Indipherent, Rusty Grinds and Scratch Cat, allowing them to come together under one roof to create their own music, which lead to the forming of "The MessHall" crew.
  1 Crew - 5 Solo MC's - 1 BeatBoxer - 1 Studio


Download free music

Its Over - MessHall n/a Download
This Or That - Samuel Bonez, Indipherent, G Spade n/a Download

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