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the Jery Jones band

the Jery Jones band
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Members of the band

  Stephen(the Big smoke) Beedle - Guitar,vocals
  Ed Hanrahan - Bass,vocals
  Edgar Thumm - Sax
  Mike Van Aert - Drums

General info

  The Jery Jones (yes, that's with one R) band came together 5 years ago with a goal in mind. To be a band that played something other than what was being offered in their town. A few guys, a few beers and and a lot of jamming. With about 100-something combined years of experience, the 4 core members of this band have discovered that the usual covers offered by other bands wasn't what got their mojo going. What did do it for them can be summed up in one word. Blues. New blues, old blues and a whole bunch of what's in between. The difference here is that although you may recognize the song, you probably haven't heard it quite this way. The guys also feel that, as a jam band, you might not ever hear them play a song the same way twice. Consider it part of their charm. Add in the rock we all know and love and you have... The JeryJones Band.

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Down to the ground n/a Download
Theres the door n/a Download
Walk with me Linda n/a Download

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