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The Five Ls

The Five Ls
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Brian Baldwin - Vocals
  Tim Westmoreland - Vocals
  James Hilton - Guitar
  Mike Miller - Guitar
  Bo Richards - Bass
  David Armstrong - Turntables
  Stacy Taylor - Drums

General info

  In an industry teeming with unoriginal bands, The Five Lís have been sent as a savior. With the recent release of their sophomore album, ďBreathe DeepĒ, The Five Lís have solidified their place as North Carolinaís premier band. The Five Lís seamlessly blend funk, metal, hip-hop, alternative, and hardcore in an effort to bring creativity to the masses.
  Donít just take our word for it thoughÖ The Five Lís are sponsored nationally by Jagermeister, Jnco Jeans, and Everly Strings and are working on several other endorsement deals with companies that recognize the power of this groupís unapologetic message. They have shared the stage with such acts as Slipknot, Clutch, NonPoint, Three Days Grace, Sevendust, Phunk Junkeez, 2 Skinnee Jís, Flaw, Switched, Twizted (Psychopathic Rydaz), Dying Fetus, Dope, Bile, and Nocturn.
  Their single ĎMy Faithí has been chosen for numerous compilation CDís including Southeast Exports (Knoxville, TN) and the Best of 106.5 The End (Charlotte, NC). It was recently added to The Atlantis Music Conference compilation CD that is distributed nationally to major record label A&R personnel. They will also be showcasing at this yearís conference in Atlanta, GA.
  What does it all mean? The Five Lís headline and pack venues all over the Southeast and are ever expanding. The band is seven strong and ready for anything. From the mystery of their name to the sheer energy of their live performances, The Five Lís are taking over.

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Planting Seeds n/a Download

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