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The Daisy Cutters

The Daisy Cutters
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Members of the band

  Streaky Bonehead - vocals/words
  8007 Group - Drums/backing vocals
  Mrg - Gtrs
  Landmine Sickness - Bow saw and collection of sticks

General info

  The invention of wallpaper, lightbulbs equivelent, times ticking on.....THE DAISY CUTTERS - Music to complain about or to laugh at..... northern habitat unpleasant,subscription satisfied,only the lonely,breakfast on time,the calamity club unrecognised,District nurse unlimited....THE DAISY CUTTERS - To offend those without a sense of humour....the A-team sponsorship form,Nigel Benn paints kitchen shocker,partnership abbreviated....

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Babysnatcher n/a Download
Hit and Run n/a Download
I Fancy your Mum n/a Download
Pollute the World n/a Download
Special Needs n/a Download
Stand Up! n/a Download
To be a Daisy Cutter n/a Download

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