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The Cheaters Club

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Members of the band

  Eon Fontes-May: gamerphone
  Adam Kozak: piscesspiel

General info

  What was once the glitchy, fever dream solo project of The Fucking Sparklies' Eon Fontes-May, is now a duo (with the addition of The Rain Design's Adam Kozak) employing folds of warbling synths, jarring guitars, melodica, accordian and god know what else over a bed of achingly slow, crunchy found-sound beats. With the addition of excruciatingly candid subject matter, the resulting painful-but-gorgeous listen is what can only be called "methadone pop". The Cheaters Club is essentially Eon Fontes-May and Adam Kozak's proposition to invite you into a coma, where it's nice and warm.

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Clean Break n/a Download
Go Ahead n/a Download
That Problem n/a Download
The Confession n/a Download

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