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The Buzzbombs

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Members of the band

  Johnny Fuego: Guitar and Vocals

  Johnny Diablo: Upright and Vocals

  Johnny Magnum: Drums

General info

  Hailing from San Diego, The Buzzbombs are an infectious mix of rockabilly, swing, punk rock, and Pabst Blue Ribbon all mixed in one. A three piece ensemble consisting of Johnny Fuego on guitar and vocals, Johnny Diablo on upright bass and vocals, and Johnny Maestro on skins, The Buzzbombs bring back the glory days of rock n' roll, with a bit of today's rambunctious attitude to make it go down smooth. Call it Elvis on speed, call it Buddy Holly in an epileptic fit, call it whatever you want so long as you down a beer, grab a kitten, and cut a rug.

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