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the art of self defense

the art of self defense
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Ian - Drums
  French - guitar
  Ramon - Bass
  Morales - Vocals

General info

  THE ART OF SELF DEFENSE came into fruition to satisfy the collective needs of four musicians, determined to find a new, groove oriented, heavy melodic kind of 'sound'. Their diverse influences combine to create a potent musical cocktail only bested by their awe-inspiring, spleen-bursting, high energy live show. This Music flows with the intensity of a runaway locomotive and the effortless grace of a soaring bird; while the lyrics explore desire, love, pain, doubt and hope with equal ease and poise.
  For Rock fans in search of something new, but palatable, the search is over!
  The Vocals of Chris Morales and Chris French's guitar melodies texture a sort of call and response that range from frantic to sweet, chaotic to collected. The Bass of ramon Salumbides provides a syncopated thump the melds seamlessly with Ian Caruso's simple, groove foundation.
  This Band does not need to rely on the gimmicks and pyrotechnics, sonic and otherwise, to get their music across, these things are not necessary. Those who hear it need neither convincing nor a second listen... they get hooked. To put it in the simplest terms, THE ART OF SELF DEFENSE WILL KICK YOUR ASS, and YOU WILL TAKE IT!
  Everything about the band, from sound to stage show, packaging to performance, feels organic and natural for one very good reason, it is. These men do one thing with their instruments and that is be themselves, but dear God, they are good at it.
  Fresh and addicting, just be happy you weren't the last to experience them.
  Now return to your televisions
  Have a good evening.

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