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THE Allegroes

THE Allegroes
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Members of the band


michael- (studio) guitars, bass, vocals (live) guitar, vocals


izzy- (studio) drums (live) drums, backing vocals

General info

  michael allegro and izzy allegro are just ordinary teenagers from the north east of england. most material is written by michael with izzy adding in drum parts. THE Allegroes play, practise, and record in a room the size of a cupboard and annoy the neighbours.
  THE Allegroes' influences come from bands like The Clash, The Ramones, The Libertines, Maximo Park, The White Stripes and (sadly) Green Day.
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Begining of the End n/a Download
Halfway To Hamburg n/a Download
Leave It Behind n/a Download
Someone I Knew n/a Download
Untitled n/a Download
Without You To Hold n/a Download

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