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The AKA Band

The AKA Band
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Members of the band

  Kym Allen- Vocals
  Neil Caws- Guitar/Vocals
  Justin Potter- Guitar
  Vicky Smith- Bass
  Hannah SMith- Drums

General info

  'The AKA band' are creating a buzz throughout Britain with their pulsating live show and carefully crafted songs. With a line up of 3 girls and 2 guys, not only do they have the look, they are also highly accomplished musicians. Lead vocalist Kym fronts the band, with strong support from lead guitarist Neil. Sisters, Hannah and Vicky make up the rhythm section and are both students at the highly acclaimed Brighton Institute Of Modern Music. Justin completes the line up bringing a wealth of experience on guitars. ‘The AKA band’ are achieving continuous success whithin the music industry, recently being announced as winners of the University Of Westminster's radio Battle-Of-The-Bands Competition. This band are opening doors which they hope will be leading them in the right direction to success.

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