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Members of the band

  Tyrone - Vocals + Some bass guitar
  Dave - Rhythm guitar
  Craig - Bass guitar
  Steve - Drums
  Let's not forget...
  Sometimes, only sometimes...
  There's Joe who plays acoustic guitar quietly in the background

General info

  C-U-N-T have now split up...
  We've left some mp3 for you,
  We hope you enjoy some of the greatest and heaviest moments of our past.
  Thanks for all of your support,
  Leave your comments below.

Download free music

Body full of dirt 1.38 MB Download
C-U-N-T 0.20 MB Download
He said he'd make me dinner 0.18 MB Download
He took me to the slaughterhouse 0.23 MB Download
Meat on a stick 0.22 MB Download
Please come back to kill mr welger 0.81 MB Download
You fucking suck you stupid motherfucking homo! 1.87 MB Download

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