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The Kennedys Curse

The Kennedys Curse
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Members of the band

  Jesus - Vocals
  Martin - Lead Guitarist
  Rick - Gutiarist
  Gerardo - Drummer
  Daniel - Basist & Guitarist

General info

  Death Metal, Black Metal, Hardcore
  Our band is mostly center in La Mirada we formed in the winter of 2003. We are not that interested into getting into the public because thats how bands sellout quickly and also they do get famous but we are already there without the need of going all out and being on myspace having a bunch of lil poser fans.
  Our music is mostly talking about the wrongs and the things that dont make sense in the world....we do talk about how the bible and religions arent really in our life style were athiest and no were not devil worshippers because we dont even believe in satan or the devil and were saying this because when people mention metal and death metal they get the picture of gothics guys making six points stars the #666 and really its not like that were just normal kids thats dont believe in anything but we do believe in karma and that is the only thing that so far seems to be true or logical.
  We have written a song that many people dont like titled "Hypocritsy" and its because this song talks about a boy that got molestead and rape by a priest. The song talks about the priest and the bible and the belief in god and then the song ends with the boy coming back several years later and killing the priest and in the video were making we destroyed a religious statue by throwing two guitars at it so you can probably imagine how much people are gonna hate us oh well fuck it we got to get our point out there we dont care if they send us hate mail.Also support our sister band The Black Sunday Murder they are just as good as us and Daniel is the vocals of that band and Jesus is the deep vocals. remember WERE DOWN TILL WERE UNDERGROUND

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