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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Steve S.

General info

  Xsyorra started as a project to compose music for my son to listen to when he was born. Now, he's a month old and people liked what I was playing him, so I gave the project a name and decided to bring it to the world.
  Taking what I've learned from playing organic instruments in various styles and converted that knowledge to the world of electronic instruments, algorithms and musical programming. Imagine...really dark Industrialized Techno....frought with complex Classical movement, and carried with the same ferocity and intensity I learned while playing guitar in underground Death and Black Metal bands.
  Confused yet????
  Listen and decide for yourself.

Download free music

cLeAr 4.89 MB Download
Forsaken 5.78 MB Download
Haunted 5.01 MB Download
The Birthing Factory 3.64 MB Download
The Hive 3.03 MB Download
The Psionic 7.80 MB Download
Theme 42 3.46 MB Download

Latest tracks

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