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Members of the band

  Vocals: Vladimir Lumi
  Lead Guitar: Emil Pohjalainen
  Guitar: Jani Vesanen
  Keyboards: Emmi Taipale
  Drums: Joonas Pykälä-aho
  Bass: Pasi Tanskanen

General info

  Thaurorod is a melodic heavy metal band from Hyvinkää, Finland. The band was found in 2002. Thaurorod has 3 cds released. The latest release being `Morning Lake`. During last few years their music has developed into more epic and symphonic direction as a result of new songs and some new elements like keyboards and a vocalist with a unique voice. On stage Thaurorod gives its audience a theatrical and spectacular show full of energy and of course the great songs where melody is on the place of a king.

Download free music

Into the Realms of Hidden Me n/a Download
Morning Lake n/a Download
Tales of the End n/a Download

Latest tracks

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