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the first of the last

the first of the last
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Members of the band

  matt h - synthesizers, camera
  john o - synthesizers, vocals
  josh s - synthesizers, guitars
  jeff t - synthesizers, guitars, vocals
  bernie - synthesizers, guitars

General info

  the first of the last were formed in ontario, canada, one evening when jeff t, josh s, and bernie t were discussing art... they decided to create an art group that created abstract art, but with sound rather than image...
  they later were joined by matt h, and john o...
  they have a different sound which isnt described as 'enjoyable' at all...

Download free music

hidden track n/a Download
ruined in seconds n/a Download
the beggining of the end 1 n/a Download
the beggining of the end 2 n/a Download
the burning of hells flames (demo) n/a Download
whispers n/a Download

Latest tracks

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