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Temple Rain

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Members of the band

  Sleepy, Lo Key, Appirition

General info

  One dark day in July 2001, during the largest downpour since 1968, three men came together under the storm to unleash what is now known as Temple Rain into the powerful mainstream media. Plotting to one day bring they’re message of death and morbidity to the front door of America (and beyond), the trio decided to bring this message in the form of horror hip hop. Consisting of Lo Key AKA Gh0zt, The “Reverend” Appirition, and Poltergeizt, Temple Rain started recording they’re debut LP “The Awakening”. With minimal resources, they managed to complete the 17 track LP in 7 months, and decided to release the LP for free to the world via handing out copies to anyone who would take them, as well as offering it to download for free from the internet. “The Awakening” was released in January of 2002. The campaign exceeded all expectations, with 2500 CD-R’s of the LP gone, and nearly 500GB of downloads of the CD in 3 months. Soon the group realized it needed some major backing to bring its message to the world. But in the midst of a crisis in the music industry, a more independent rout seemed only right. And so, on April 24th 2002, Lo Key received a phone call from a man named “William Pope”, current CEO of 7th Seal Entertainment. During this historic phone call, the future was discussed and a pact was made. Temple Rain was going world wide. Together, Will Pope and Kevin Thomas opened what is now known as 7th Seal Entertainment. This gave Temple Rain a break from recording while 7SE established itself as an official label. In July 2003, the group knew it was time. They started working on new material, for an EP entitled “The Lost Boys EP Volume 1”. As always, it was a clean mixture of horror and hip hop, laced with nothing less than controversial lyrics and subject matter. On April 1st 2004, the group released The Lost Boys to nothing but positive reviews. After playing a couple of shows promoting the release of The Lost Boys, the group has begun work on they’re new LP, “Evolution”. Set for a national release, the LP will also include a DVD entitled “Welcome” featuring a variety of things ranging from live performances to in depth interviews. With they’re message penetrating slowly, but steadily into the eyes and ears of America, Temple Rain continues bringing they’re signature blend of horror hip hop to the minds of millions, and will not stop until they’re voices are heard.

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Corpses in the Morgue n/a Download
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