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" - - Temple City - - "

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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Dietmar Quistorf
  Christoph Kolodziej

General info

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  Temple City is the intercontinental, Internet collaboration of Dietmar Quistorf and Christoph Kolodziej.
  Working over a 6,000-mile wire between L.A, California, and Frankfurt, Germany, Kolodziej and Quistorf pass songs back and forth until they reach the sound that's Temple City's own a unique cross of Kraftwerk and Mother Nature, with a dash of sci-fi. Their lyrics, written in the wee hours of different time zones, range from the hard stuff of geology to the gossamer of dreams.

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Hall of Giants n/a Download
Iceage n/a Download
Love of all n/a Download
Paranoid delusions n/a Download
When Life Turns Cold n/a Download
Worlds Apart n/a Download

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