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Members of the band

  Teevie Alan - vocals, guitar, keyboard, etc.

General info

  Atheist rock 'n droll, sturm und dang

critical revue

  originally released on cassette March 1991

  Track Listing:

  1. Critical Revue part I | Meet Bob Larson | Blues Singers From Outer Space | Trolley |

  2. Evening of the Classics | Teevie is One With Nature | Wish I Wuz a Tree | Ducks in My Head |

  3. Violent Waltz | A Nose is a Nose | Cheap Shot | Allah is Neat | The Crusades | There's an Old Man |

  4. Shut Up | Mr. T in the UK | It's Halloween | Long Hair Pedro | Some Kinda Dew |

  5. God Killed My Dog | Bone the Shit | Critical Revue part II | bonus moron outtakes

  Teevie medley

  I'm Naked (from She's My Girl 7") | Demon Dan (unreleased) | Jesus Fish (unreleased truncated acoustic version) | Yer Evil (unreleased) | Trinity (from More Than You Bargained CD comp, rare stereo version) | Return of the Fly (unreleased Misfits cover) - all circa 1994-1996

  Leftover "Throw-Away MP3's"

  I used to upload a new one of these each week back on the old website. Somewhere along the way, the train ran off the tracks, and the site is gone. What was previously released is available in its entirety on the 2004 "dose of logic sampler." The songs here have never been released before anywhere in any format. Once you hear them you'll probably realize why. These are leftovers recorded December 2002 thru May 2004.

Download free music

critical revue - part 1 n/a Download
critical revue - part 2 n/a Download
critical revue - part 3 n/a Download
critical revue - part 4 n/a Download
critical revue - part 5 n/a Download
Teevie medley 1994-1996 (see track list) n/a Download
Unreleased "Throw-Away MP3's" 2003-2004 n/a Download

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