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Teemu Vehkala Group

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Members of the band

  Teemu Vehkala: Keyboards, Drums, Synthesizer Programming

General info

  Teemu Vehkala Group formed in 2001 spring.
  (b. 1981 Helsinki, Finland)
  Teemu Vehkala: Keyboards
  (b. 1990 Helsinki, Finland)
  Jonathan Sarikoski: Drums
  (b. 1979 Helsinki. Finland)
  Eero Ekebom: Electric Bass

Download free music

Blue Forest ''LIVE'' in Helsinki 2002 3.87 MB Download
Cape Light 6.76 MB Download
Chorinho No. 1 3.03 MB Download
Continental Way 5.29 MB Download
Domino Line 3.85 MB Download
Forest 2.93 MB Download
Go For It (c) 1997 By Teemu Vehkala: FT2 Tracker programming 2.12 MB Download
Lahden PVVMSK18 Varusmiessoittokunnan TJBIISI 3.20 MB Download
Latin Sunset by Teemu Vehkala (c) 2003) 5.05 MB Download
Love 4.00 MB Download
Night Music 3.45 MB Download
Southwest Passage (Teemu Vehkala: Synthesizers, Piano) (c) 2003 7.99 MB Download
Tasogare de Mienai 5.92 MB Download
Thoughts Of Cry by Teemu Vehkala: Roland JV-2080, Piano (c) 2003 5.90 MB Download
Tico Tico 2.39 MB Download

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