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Members of the band

  Katja Pieksämäki - Vocals
  Sami Ahmaoja - Guitar
  Pipsa Niemi - Keyboards
  Rami repola - Drums
  Jari Kinnunen - Guitar
  Mika laine - Bass

General info

  Teardown was formed in the beginning of the year 2001. Ahmaoja wanted to compose and play Katatonia-inspired music and started to gather musicians to the band. He found other guitarist Keltsu, drummer Rami, basist Laba, keyboardist Pipsa and singer Make. First demo, entitled "Nothing should be wrong.." (2002) was made as a home-recording. That demo was never published.
  Then there was a sort of break in the bands activity. During that the singer Make left the band. Still new material was made and the band decided to record a new demo. This took place in autumn of 2003. Drums were recorded at Akustiikka-house Ylivieska and the rest of the instruments were recorded as a home-recording. The singer in the new demo "Drowned in your tears" is Katja, who joined the band in the same Autumn.
  In summer of 2005 Teardown started to record new material. This happened complitely as a home-recording. Recording sessions took a quite long time, but in autumn of 2006 "Cold rooms" was finally released. Katja's friend Mage participated the recording sessions by singing backing vocals and playing violin.
  After the release "Cold rooms" band started promoting itself largely around the globe. Promotion mainly consisted webzine and magazine reviews and some interviews were also done. In 2007 Teardown began rehearsing more and more to make the band ready for gigging. After few months of heavy training some shows were booked, and the success of our shows motivated the band to rehearse even more.
  Beside gigging, new material were made all the time and in the summer 2008 Teardown entered Watercastle studios in Jyväskylä for recording sessions. After sessions and mixing, the new material was sent to Chartmakers Oy for mastering purposes. Soon "Cyanotic" -promo was born and ready to roll. Cyanotic was also heavily promoted and the demo got mainly really good feedback, for example the title of Demo of the month (04/09) in Imperiumi-metalmedia. In the summer 2009 guitarist Keltsu decided to leave Teardown and Jari Kinnunen took his place.
  Now, Teardown focuses on doing even better material for new (hopefully full-lenght) record and plays in every gig they can get! In January 2010 the band packs their instruments and heads for Europian tour with Manzana and For Selena and Sin.

Download free music

Teardown - Dead Cry For The Sun n/a Download
Teardown - Everything Ends Here n/a Download
Teardown - It remains Untold n/a Download

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