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The Country Rehab Clinic

The Country Rehab Clinic
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Members of the band

  David Parris - guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, singing, yelling, whispering, stupid noises that make no sense

General info

  Welcome to The Country Rehab Clinic's Officially Unofficial Website, I figured that it's probably still considered unofficial because i don't have a domain of my own yet, and probably never will, because my knack for web-design is non-exisistant, i'd be nice if i had a site that was this easy to set up with like unlimited web-space, but such a thing does not exisist in the magical world of free stuff, but yeah, i do everything is this here "band" which is why is sucks. yeah, i would say that sums it up.
  Here's a little bit about all the country rehab tunes:
  -"grouch national anthem" is a cover song, i don't know who wrote it but oscar the grouch sings it at the beginning of the sesame street movie "follow that bird", a wonderful piece, check it out, he's better at it than i am
  -Martyr for democracy (find the litterary reference and win a cookie) is a tricky little number, at first impression you would think that it's some anti-religion reggae anthem that came from me listening to Bush talk to much and listening to way to much RxB, this is not the case, while i do listen to way to much RxB and really hate Bush, this is not intendend as an anti-religion song, there is a long story behind the writing of this song, i wont go into it here i will just say it involved a bus ride with some really ignorant friends who felt that if Bush prayed really hard and asked god if war was alright and then went to war how could he be wrong? (wait that's actually the whole story right there) What they didn't realize is that, GOD DOES NOT WANT US TO KILL OTHER PEOPLE, it's a really simple concept, and that's what the song is really about, about not justifying your killing with god
  -The anti-anti-anti-theme song, BRANDON NORMAN CAN FUCK OFF, i am all for the opposition being allowed to speak, but when their argument was, "you shouldn't be allowed to talk cause we don't like what you're saying" that's when someone has to stand up and say NO!
  -Theme for a shitty movie, I hate the media, I hate the term fair and balanced (even though the song has nothing to do with that, i just do), i hate the fact that they can put out this stupid shit with no plot and stuff blowing up all over and think it will make them millions, i hate american idol and the "mock" reality television that has suduced people to stop living their own lives in order to focus on someone elses. (note: this has been removed for the time being, it's currently being re-recorded, so hopefully it'll be back up some day)
  -skank on the water is just me with my acoustic thinking, "hey i bet this would some pretty cool" and playing smoke on the water ska style, i then just added more stuff on top of it, thus the crap you see before you
  -Rocky Top is my personal tribute to some of the greatest fallen heros of rock, if you know me then you understand
  -A Little To the Left was written along time ago as an early Free Jeff song, it never really happened, but as a demo to play for the band i recorded this and since there is no more free jeff i figured i'd just say screw it call it a country rehab tune and go on with life, and no i have no idea who these super tones you speak of are (please note, this song is no longer available for download, if you really want it you can AIM me at iminfreejeff)
  -well there goes another one really symbolizes a new movement that has been taking place in the country rehab clinic recently, being really fucking bitter about life in general, yup, expect a lot more of this type of stuff as more new songs appear.
  -His Cheeseburger is a combonation of two things that you knew were coming sooner or later:
  a)a veggietales cover
  b)a crazy punk rawk song
  i apologize in advance to mr.lunt, i know this was a very heartleft song when you sang it, and unfortunetly most of the sorrow you were originally trying to convey has been replaced with anger in this version.
  just as a note, i'm going to rerecord most of the songs on here asap, then i'll repost them and you can all have the new less shitty ones, hell one day maybe i'll put a little band together and play this stuff live, but if i do expect it to just be a one shot deal.

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His Cheeseburger 1.79 MB Download
Marytr For Democracy 4.22 MB Download
Rocky Top 1.95 MB Download
Skank on the Water 0.90 MB Download
The Anti-Anti-Anti Theme Song 2.49 MB Download
The Grouch National Anthem 1.67 MB Download
Well There Goes Another One 1.69 MB Download

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