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Taliesin Moonwolf

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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Kelly Johnson - Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals
   Guy Johnson - Vocals Lead and Backing
   Larry Luccisano - Drums, and vocals
   Mike Gormley - Bass, Stand Up Bass, Electric Guitar,Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Piano
   Jacqueline Ryks/Melini - Vocals/Keyboards
  "Make Music and Love Baby, Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!!"
   Walter Sapsai - Bass, Drums, Guitar, Vocals
  "Not gonnado it...evil doer,bad,bad!! "
   Joseph Melini - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitars, Keyboards, Piano

General info

  Taliesin Moonwolf is very good friends and musicians. We collaborate to come up with new songs and new sounding music. We have been working on recordings with Walt Sapsai for Bill Mormann for many years now.
  But we now have a new band please check us out at
   We are signer/songwriters looking to become published songwriters and hit makers for the Up and Coming Music stars and hopefully write and use our material to make hits for the hitmaking stars now.

Download free music

All This Mess-Rough Demo n/a Download
Blind Man See-Rough Demo n/a Download
Southern Rock Angel-Rough Demo n/a Download

Latest tracks

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