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Sympathy's Wasted

Sympathy's Wasted
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Members of the band

  Nick Hauboldt: Drums/perc/keys/horns
  Lucas Price: Guitar/vocals/keys/perc
  Todd Dewalt: Vocals
  Julian Zarate: Bass

General info

  Hard work and thoughtful arrangements design the music for Symapthy's Wasted. Blending together the edginess of Alternative, the structure of Progressive, and the steadiness of Classic, Symapthy's Wasted culminates on decades of Rock music. Sympathy's Wasted emerged out of school where Nick, Todd, and Luke first met. After spending years together growing up, the three realized that they saw the world much differently than these around them. In the winter of 2003, after putting much else aside, Sympathy's Wasted began in a Milwaukee basement. In January 2005, SW expanded to include Julian on bass. SW took to the road on a five date solo tour in Michigan and Ohio in September 2005. Songs from the heart. Some from other places.
  We're now looking for a keyboard player to join us, so if you're at all interested, email Nick at

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Breach n/a Download
Longstem Paintbrush n/a Download
Search Party n/a Download

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