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Members of the band

  Kim, vocals
  LG (Leif Gustav), vocals
  Kent, vocals

General info

  A sugary and sweet boyband from Finland. LG, Kent and Kim are all young, talented and good-looking boys... and what about their voices, oh honey for your ears. Girls watch out, the Heartfriends are here!!!
  Influenses to our music comes from these bands: BSB, Take That, N'Sync, Justin Timberlake... You get the idea...

Download free music

(Miksi) Sä Lähdit Pois 3.70 MB Download
Hei Me Sekoillaan 4.82 MB Download
Hei Me Sekoillaan (Metropol Mix) 4.79 MB Download
Kun Sydän Pakahtuu 4.82 MB Download
Mä En Oo Mikään Juusto Niinku Sä 3.62 MB Download
Taikajoulu n/a Download

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