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Supraventricular Tachycardia

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Members of the band

  Misanthropiac - programming
  Schlayer - vocals

General info

  The band plays heavy, avantgarde electronic music. Some SVT songs can be described as a post-metal (?).
  However, nevermind the genres, just listen to our music.
  Band was created in 2006. The same year we released first material. Here is the tracklist:
  1. Fukkin Senseless intro
  2. Broken Sanity
  3. Degeneratio ex Nihil0
  4. Dreadful Description of Terryfying Phenomenon
  5. Patological Rythm of Rage
  6. ZZZ
  7. Ultimate Aberration
  Every comment or suggestion is welcome

Download free music

Broken Sanity n/a Download
Degeneratio ex Nihil0 n/a Download
Dreadful Description of Terryfying Phenomenon n/a Download
Fukkin Senseless intro n/a Download
Patological Rythm of Rage n/a Download
Ultimate Aberration n/a Download
ZZZ n/a Download

Latest tracks

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