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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Sami Karvonen: vocals, guitar
  Markku Hynninen: guitar, b. vocals
  Petri Niiranen: bass
  Marco Tissari: drums

General info

  Superverted is a Finnish rock band with a twist of grunge and hints of pop...or something like that. Melancholy and angst are the keywords, but there's much more to it.
  Superverted's very first demo recording has been finished. It was made entirely by the band. Official website
  Strange And True (Superverted-Karvonen/Hynninen-Karvonen/Tissari)
  Sidewalk (Superverted-Karvonen-Karvonen/Tissari)
  Beach (Superverted-Karvonen-Karvonen/Tissari)
  Bleeding (Karvonen-Karvonen-Karvonen/Tissari)

Download free music

1. Strange And True 2.99 MB Download
2. Sidewalk 4.39 MB Download
3. Beach 3.42 MB Download
4. Bleeding Roses 5.75 MB Download

Latest tracks

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