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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Karl Maria Kinsky jun. singer and songwriter
  Caly Jerabek lead guitar
  N.c. Steinegger electric guitar
  Bernd Sher-a-bone bass
  Friday Grygar Drums

General info

  Who the hell is Superfish?
  A question, many jurors had asked themselves at the International poetry convention held in Florida in March 2004, when they read the Lyrics to the song No 1 but U written by Karl Maria Kinsky junior from Vienna in Austria. Well, Superfish really is an Indy Rock Band and their first album is named NO 1 BUT U
  At the same time it is also one of the Headliners of our Band and the ignition to our career. After two years of working the band finally reformed into what it really is today, containing of five expert musicians who are putting their heart and sweat into every single song the Band performs today in order to establish the kind of music the Band plays! And, ladies and gentleman all around the world: that is SUPERFISH

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