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Sunita Devi

Sunita Devi
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Members of the band

  Sunita Devi - Singer

General info

  Hailing from the UK, the next British sensation....Sunita Devi is on her way to the top. Sunita is a 21 year old from Wolverhampton, England. She started her career at the young age of 16 where she would perform with the sensational Heera Dancers. After working with the group for 2 years, she made the choice to part ways and pursue her own singing career.
  After meeting with her mentor in Wolverhampton she was pursuaded to take her talents to the next level. She started spending numerous hours in the studio, trying to cut her first demo. Along the way she met with a local producer Keith Dilworth also known as Spok. Spoks credentials include working with the UKs biggest R&B superstar Beverley Knight and pop underground group Babylon Zoo. The two put their heads together and came up with underground hit 'Angel or a Star' which featured New York rapper The R.E.D. Pirate radio stations picked up the songs and Sunita gained a huge underground fan base.
  While spending time at Sam Sharpes Recording studio in England, Sunita ran into producer Punjabi By Nature. He was so much in awe of her talent, she was asked to feature on his 2nd album 'The Next Episode'. The track 'Jogi' went on to become the albums hit single and reached Number 1 on the UK Punjabi charts. With the success of the single, Sunita went on to tour with the producer taking her all around the UK to places such as Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and Coventry.
  Having the surprising success with Punjabi By Nature it boosted Sunitas confidence in deciding to take on the United States. With a hit single under her belt and an underground following, she moved to the Bronx and hooked up with The R.E.D once again were they became good friends and decided to do charity work.Where they produced an album naming 'Boisterous Rouge'. Together they raised money for the Breast Cancer Awareness Charity.
  In promoting this album Sunita performed at Ashford & Simpsons Sugar bar in NYC and recieved a standing ovation from Valerie herself. Finding that her music was wildley accepted, she chose to audition for upcoming reality series, Joe Jacksons Hip Hop Boot Camp.
  Recent events include Sunita being signed to New York based Entertainment group "Kaur Entertainment" which she is also co-founder. You can catch Sunita flying back and forth to England to bring over the British flavour to the United States. Sunita will be performing in "Rock Da Mic....How You Like!" talent show in England in April. Be sure to check her out in Krash magazine around that time also.

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