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Summer's Over

Summer's Over
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Members of the band

  aji-lead guitars/vocals
  arniz-rhythm guitars/main vocals
  sher iqbal-drums/vocals

General info

  we are new profound 4 piece pop punk band ....members are originally from bands such as the covers,P.O.V and no use records...we started like in may yup nothing new about the pop punk scene...songs we right are bout love,hate,hope,girls....getting a broken heart ...and the wonderful way of living your life as a teenager...this band is still fresh no fan base yet ha ha....maybe when we get our 1st gig.....influenced by bands like relient k,off the record,element 101,hidden in plain view,fugazi,avenged sevenfold,atreyu,buddhiston,penfold,mineral,last to first,senses fail,my chemical romance,reggie and the full effects,the get up kids etc etc... well for now we sound poppy(easiest way to compose and write songs) cause we are 3 months old , we are gonna experiment with different kinda sounds maybe mix a little of different kinda of genre..well do vote in for our band and thanks for the support.

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in this world(in memory of) n/a Download
why n/a Download

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