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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Mike (Vox)
  Johnny (Guitar)
  Matt (Bass)
  Vik (Drums)

General info

  This four piece formed in July 2002 and features Mike (vocals), Johnny (guitars), Matthew (bass), and newest member Victor (drums). SUbTITLE has become known for driving rhythm and heavy guitars blended with clean, melodic vocals. The result is modern heavy rock that connects with many genres of music fan. As a result the past year has seen SUbTITLE compile a list of accomplishments including the release of the 'Awaken' EP, radio exposure, TV soundtracks, features on numerous compilation CDs, reaching the top of charts, and establishing themselves as a serious up and comer in the Canadian indie music scene. Most recently the band has been in studio tracking several new songs including the 'Home' single which is now featured at Big things are expected during 2004 as SUbTITLE plays throughout the westcoast in their determined efforts to share their music and win over new fans with their high energy live performances.

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