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Stripped Inside

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Members of the band

  Saige Collett-L Vocals/L Guitar
  Dave Patterson- Bass/Vocals
  Lambrose Tsiandros- Drums

General info

  Stripped Inside is a fresh new look at life through the eyes of songwriter Jason Collett. Great guitar work and deadly song arrangement. Formed in 1998 Jason Collett and Dave Patterson began their journey into the land of making music. Starting with an 8 track digital recording device they started learning the art of song design and sound capture. Moving back and forth from his home town of Prince George BC, Jason kept close to the music scene that Vancouver BC had. With bands like Nickelback, 54-40, and Theory of a Deadman out of Vancouver Jason knew where he had to be. 4 years later the writing is gelling and the musicianship is encapsulating the dreams and goals of Jason. In two seperate bands in Vancouver Jason's skills as an artist are brought to the forefront. Encryption has harnessed his singing skills as well as arrangement while Stripped Inside is Jason's own project. Keep in touch to hear of the forthcoming live dates in Vancouver BC.

Download free music

Addicted to Chaos n/a Download
I Can See You n/a Download
Little Girl n/a Download
Not Sinking Yet n/a Download
Six & Counting n/a Download
Strange Disease n/a Download
Take Me Now n/a Download

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