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Stone the Manic

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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Josh Dennis - Vox
  CJ Gardineer - Guitar/Vox
  Morgan Smith - Guitar/Vox
  Donnie Selby - Bass/Vox

General info

  Stone the Manic is a five piece original hard rock / metal band hailing from Grand Rapids, MI.
  This quintet has established itself in the local and regional scene as a crowd-drawing,
  ticket-selling force to be reckoned with. Even at this early stage in their existence, Stone
  the Manic has performed to packed houses in many of the area's prominent local venues.
  With years of professional experience between them, the group's members have performed at some
  of the Midwest's best known venues and have opened for many national acts along the way.
  As a group, Stone the Manic has spent its energy initiating a regional onslaught with shows all
  over Western Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Chicago, IL.
  Stone the Manic recently finished an 8-song LP which has already received airplay on regional
  radio stations as well as on numerous online and satellite stations spanning the globe.
  Armed with a plan and a new LP, Stone The Manic is set to expand their scene to new venues,
  cities, and fresh ears. Their mission: Bringing attitude and primal, in-your-face rock to the
  Cast the first stone...Stone The Manic!

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80s Chugga n/a Download
Anhedonia n/a Download
Another Foot in the Grave n/a Download
Epic New Song n/a Download
Hero-Villain n/a Download
Let Go n/a Download
the meaningless n/a Download

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