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Steve Boyd

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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Steve Boyd: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys & Vocals.

General info

  Singer/Songwriter Steve Boyd, former frontman of Tempered Steel, made the leap to solo artist in 2001. The new album, "The Flatulence Experiment", is in the works. Steve was born in the small polygamist commune of Provo, Utah on November 17, 1970 to non-mormon parents Ernest and Evilynn Boyd. He was immediately taken for "programming" by the bishopric, high atop Mt. Timpanogos. But the young lad proved too headstrong, and was returned to his parents a mere two years later, his mind intact.
  In 1976, Steve's life would be altered forever. While shopping with his father in Gibson's Dept. Store, his eyes gazed upon a KISS album display. The album was KISS "ALIVE". Relentlessly he pleaded with his father to buy him the record, even though he had no idea what it contained. Ernest eventually relented, and Steve's course was set.
  Steve joined TEMPERED STEEL in 1989 as an emergency replacement on bass. Soon, however, the band's original frontman was forced to retire due to a tragic case of tone-deafness, allowing Steve to take the helm as the voice of Tempered Steel. The band split in 2001, citing irreconcilable differences.
  "The Flatulence Experiment" is a departure from the heavy metal sound of the Tempered Steel era. The album is performed and written entirely by Steve. (With a litte help from drummer Jim Redmond and British person Nyk Fry, who regards Steve as his hero.) The album is just plain weird, and any attempts to describe it here would be pointless. You'll just have to hear it for yourself.

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Does the Rain Fall? 5.68 MB Download
Get Out - EXPLICIT LYRICS 3.09 MB Download
Little Miss Victim n/a Download
Ode to Syd Barrett 5.85 MB Download
Take Me Home 3.52 MB Download
Wasted Time 5.19 MB Download

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